An Eventful Day

DI Gasell Gothenburg 2015

Yesterday I spent the whole day at different events, and what an amazing day it was! I connected with so many inspiring people and companies in the startup scene of Gothenburg and was able to introduce Upbeater to potential customers and partners.

I wanted to thank the organizers and their partners for making the events happen and for creating opportunities for startup companies in the region to connect and network.

  • BNI (Business Network International) – Keep creating and sharing business opportunities.
  • GU Ventures – Again, congratulations for 20 years of success. Great to meet your inspiring startups.
  • DI Gasell – Keep embracing the importance of economic growth and inspire entrepreneurs to “go for it” and become great business leaders. And especially thanks for all the useful advices given to us entrepreneurs! 🙂

Now it’s time for me to follow up on all the business cards collected during this eventful day. Oh that’s right, the greatest lesson of yesterday: people of Sweden LOVES business cards… mine are definitely ordered!


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