Adrenaline rush… And I love it!


How many times a day, a week, a year or a LIFETIME do you ask yourself what your call in life is?
What should you really do with your life? I mean, really?

I’m not sure exactly how many times, but these are questions that circulates through my mind regularly, and particularly when times are a bit rough. Sure, we all have dreams and I truly believe that we should strive to reach our dreams. Yet as we grow older, the dreams tend to become more “realistic” and considerate towards a reality of obligations and other things that easily turns into obstacles or limitations and make our dreams seem unreachable. So we “adapt” our dreams to get them closer to the reality we live in. The danger here is that we make our dreams “fit” into our lifestyle instead of trying to “fit” into our dream life. But what I’m getting to is how important it is to be aware of this so we can embrace the moments our dreams we once had shines through, because believe me, from time to time they do.

But how do you know when that is? Well, you can’t miss it. It’s a feeling of true happiness, a feeling of belonging, a feeling that makes you forget all “obstacles”. It makes you see challenges instead of …., solutions instead of problems, excitement instead of hustle. And this has happened to me the last couple of days! I’m feeling high on adrenaline and can’t swipe the smile of my face.

It started with an unexpected request for Upbeater’s services. This is the first project that has reached out to us without any previous connection to us. And I have barely had the chance to start in Sweden. This was obviously super exciting but also put some pressure on me to deliver within a tight timeframe. But instead of thinking “I won’t make it in time” it really got me on fire and the melody “I will do what it takes, and I’ll make it” keeps playing in my head. And I’m still working on it and as a bonus, another meeting led to the understanding that the reputation of Upbeater had spread to NYC, another awesome and unexpected surprise, and my smile got even bigger 🙂

So, the conclusion is that this feeling is what makes me understand what I want to do in life, that I’m in my right element, that for a moment, I’ve found my my place in life. I’ve never been particularly good at expressing it and I’m constantly working on getting better at it. And I really recommend that you do so as well! This is so important, this is your chance to understand and express what makes you happy in life, which is also where you will perform your best.

How would I recommend going about it?

  1. Write down every time you get that feeling or see that smile on your face that you can’t hide. What made you feel this way? Was it an action you did/took? Did you get feedback on something you had performed? What was that performance? … you get the hang of it.
  2. In about a month or so, go back and compare your notes. Can you find a pattern in your “happy moments”? There might take some more work or require longer time, but trust me; this “pattern” is a key to your “purpose”.

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