An Eventful Day

DI Gasell Gothenburg 2015

Yesterday I spent the whole day at different events, and what an amazing day it was! I connected with so many inspiring people and companies in the startup scene of Gothenburg and was able to introduce Upbeater to potential customers and partners. I wanted to thank the organizers and their partners […]

Friends Are The Best Ambassadors

Facebook Referral by Friend

I woke up this morning with a notification on Facebook that inspired me write this post. My friend who lives in London had suggested Upbeater as the service to be used for a new project where someone was looking for an App developer. And don’t you just love that… friend […]

Meeting With USC

USC Trojans

Do you remember that I wrote about a potential partnership with another startup in the space? Well, today I was invited to sit in on one of their meetings with USC, one of the biggest Universities in Los Angeles and a top U.S. College. I was brought along mainly as […]

“Meet+Hire” Event at General Assembly

GA Meet+Hire Event

Last night I was invited to attend an event hosted by General Assembly at their location in Santa Monica. The event was a Meet+Hire get together where companies interested in recruiting got a chance to meet face-to-face with recent graduates from GA’s UX Design and Development courses. The invitation came […]

Potential Partnership Meetings

A couple of weeks ago I was approached by an Angel investor who is active in the space that Upbeater is in. We connected and had a chat and even though Upbeater is in a very early stage as a company and not currently looking to raise money, it was […]

It’s About Time… Not Money!

Invest TIME in your goal

Today I made a big decision, or the decision was really made last week, but today it became reality… I told my boss at one of my part time jobs that it was time for me to leave and focus more on my own venture. And let me tell you, […]

Upbeater “In the News”

DBA in Brittish Weekly

It has arrived, the magazine that officially states that Upbeater is now in my possession. Today when I got home I opened the mailbox and found a nice surprise. British Weekly, the magazine that I chose to use as my publisher for the DBA (Doing Business As) name had sent […]

Upbeater is Officially Registered

Upbeater Registration

Today was an important day… the day that Upbeater was officially registered as a business! Ever since I came up with the name Upbeater about 6 months ago, I know I’ve been taking a risk by not registering the name. And especially after having used the name publicly on different social media […]

Upbeater’s Social Profiles


Hi everyone, I’ve now set up several social media accounts where you can follow the latest news from Upbeater…  and all of a sudden, Upbeater feels much more real! I’m now able to build a follower base, reach a bigger audience and have fun by interacting with potential Upbeaters and project […]

Welcome to the Battle of Business vs. Personal

Life of an FFE

Hi everyone! I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce my blog and what’s to come… This blog will serve as a dairy, logbook and frankly the reveal of the journey of how to start and run a company as a female and foreign entrepreneur. I start this blog at the […]